Social media for Web 3.0. Love is a cryptocurrency that will be used to power Vorail, a secure, proven and private decentralized social market with a highly immersive Virtual Reality interface. Maybe even get married with a friend you make on Vorail – it has happened before!

Connect With The Power of Voice


Established Product

Vorail is a social network built on modern technologies that integrates an immersive Virtual Reality experience through 3D audio. Vorail users listen before looking, and that makes all the difference. Vorail will be powered by its own cryptocurrency for all purchases and other in-app usage, called Love.

Love coins will be used to buy and sell goods in the marketplace, set up in-person meetings, purchase ads in the integrated ad platform, exchange clicks, likes, dislikes, reward engaging content and purchase future products and services such as the Wand, an innovative virtual reality hardware accessory that will provide everything needed to facilitate meeting new people. Vorail social networking already exists through an established product on the iOS App Store.

Vorail Debit Card

Connect your account wallet to your instant access Vorail debit card to spend your LOVE as fiat currency anywhere in the world. Fees will be minimal and the card infrastructure will be used almost anywhere in the world.

We will use a technique called JITF (Just in Time Funding) and expect to distribute our debit card by Q2 2019.


Your Vorail account wallet will be able to hold and store any Ethereum ERC20 standard token as well as other major crypto-assets.

ShapeShift.io integration will allow you to convert between tokens seamlessly straight from your account. Convert LOVE between ShapeShift supported ERC20 standard tokens or buy LOVE directly with other ERC20 tokens. The Vorail account wallet is planned for launch by Q3 2018.

Integrated Tor and VPN

By integrating the Tor API to our mobile applications, we keep Vorail a secure and private social network. Tor functionality will be opt-in and only used by the account if requested.

We also have plans to use a built-in VPN within both mobile apps and the Wand that can be paired with Tor to offer extreme browsing privacy while using Vorail.

Complete Transparency

No misuse of the communities’ data or violation of users privacy. All plans of development and future enhancements will first go through the community. Vorail also plans to open source all projects by the end of 2018.

Vorail will be the first community driven social network where the users own their data, not the Company, and the data will reside in their hands,literally, through the Vorail Wand. Imagine a full decentralized social network where all data and multimedia is stored on the blockchain instead of centralized servers.

Funds Distribution

All funds raised will go straight into furthering the development and security of LOVE.

70% of all funds raised will go directly into development, marketing and expanding the team behind Vorail. 5% of funds will go towards legal to insure Vorail is compliant globally. 10% will go into hardware and software upgrades. The remaining 15% will be distributed to one or more private security specialist firms to make sure Vorail continues to be bug free and secure.

Coin Distribution

70% of all coins are available for purchase during the ICO. A maximum of 10% of the total supply of coins will be given to promote the product via multiple forms of digital marketing and development.

Instant Voice

Communicate publicly, privately and meet in person all through voice


Buy or sell in the Vorail marketplace with LOVE

Mobile Apps

Vorail already has apps approved on the Android and iOS app stores

Tor and VPN

Plans to integrate both Tor API and a built-in VPN to the mobile platform


Not just a wallet for your LOVE. Store and hold multiple Ethereum ERC20 standard and other major tokens

Debit Card

Spend your LOVE instantly as fiat with the Vorail debit card


Privacy is the foundation on which everything else is built


Constantly performing security updates and audits to make sure all data is secure


We plan on moving all data and multimedia to decentralized storage


Create private groups that only you and invited users can view


Create events to organize special occasions and in-person meetups

Fund Posts

Create a post to crowdfund anything you can imagine


The Vorail Wand hardware and software is designed together for social networking and is therefore extremely fast

Ad Platform

We plan on developing an integrated ad platform for the network

Subscribe and Follow

Receive alerts when questions you like receive new answers, or people you follow create new ask-alls

Public Q&A

Ask-all, or answer a question publicly, build your rep in the community

Private Q&A

Ask and answer privately, your voice messages go ephemeral after being played

In Person Meetings

The community starts to feel like an online family, and meeting in-person is a natural next step

Get Married!

Chemistry through Voice First is the key to finding compatibility


Add q&a threads or people to your mute bin, never hear their voice again, and they never hear yours

And More!

We're updating the platform all the time to better serve you!

Our Team

Thomas Rosenthal


Thomas graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors, MBA and MA in Chinese Studies. Thomas became a manager at Ford, a management consultant with a United News & Media subsidiary, and later co-founded MeetChina, a leading e-commerce company that raised $43 million in venture capital funding and was subsequently slated to IPO on the NASDAQ. Thomas was featured as an internet pioneer in China by leading publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Times and Business Week amongst others.

Wall Street Journal

Linan Wang

Co-Founder and CTO

Born in China, living in UK, earned PhD from University of Sheffield. Linan has been working as technology lead in a number of projects, from enterprise software, web/android/iOS apps, to virtual reality simulators. He is deeply concerned with the current google/facebook duoply and believes the collective power of individuals will one day make the net truly for its users.


Joseph Tong


Entrepreneur, investor, early bitcoin adopter, cofounder of MeetChina and former President of Telstra Sensis China. Joe assists and advises with business strategy and development.


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TMR (at) Vorail (dot) com

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