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1 finger swipe left or right = previous or next item on the feed. if a menu is open, 1 finger swipe left or right closes the menu.

1 finger swipe up = feed menu.

1 finger swipe down = item menu.

3 finger swipe left or right = previous or next feed. for example, three finger swipe to the right changes feed from answers to questions, and question to likes.

3 finger swipe up (victory swipe up) = refresh.

3 finger swipe down (victory swipe down) = back to previous feed.

1 finger double tap = default action on current item, a context-specific shortcut.

2 finger tap (peace tap) = chipmunk mode, which playback speeded up.

2 finger double tap (magic tap) = pause and resume in both playback and recording.

2 finger swipe down while tts playing = skip tts and play human audio message.

2 finger swipe left/right when in likes moves between letters. for example, two finger swipe right moves from names that start with A to names that start with B.


1 finger double tap default actions examples:

in answers feed, 1 finger double tap = listen to all answers start with the original question.

in questions feed, 1 finger double tap = listen to all answers, start with the oldest answer that has not been heard.

in mutual likes feed, 1 finger double tap on a name = show message history.


Introduction from Neal

Quick Start Guide from Shaun

Vorail's Unique Menu System




q: when i swipe, why does control center or notifications panel show?

a: start your up or down swipe from closer to middle of screen instead of from bottom or top edges.

q: why does Vorail act strange after i dictate a tag using the on screen keyboard?

a: this is known bug, and until we fix it, a work around is to visit Vorail settings, and change to speech to text for creating titles.

q: why are three finger swipes not working?

a: in our iOS settings, disable the zoom accessibility feature.

q: why do end of my recordings get clipped?

a: try pausing a quarter of a second before double tapping to finish recordings. end of recordings are auto trimmed to remove the sound of finger double tapping the screen.

q: why doesn’t single finger double tap work?

a: try allowing a fraction of a second longer between taps when double tapping.

q: why does three finger swiping only work some of the time?

a: try changing from three horizontal fingers to victory formation. victory formation is thumb south, index finger north, middle finger next to index finger. same formation that is used when picking up a baseball. three finger swiping may be easier when your thumb, index finger, middle finger are in the shape of a V.


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