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  1. Do y'all worry what other people think of you? Heather
  2. What is your favorite kind of pizza? Lavender
  3. What do you do for the hiccups? Curvy Barbie
  4. What healthy drink options do you enjoy? Brennan
  5. Would you buy a buday / bidet toilet attachment? Ms D
  6. What is it that keeps you young at heart? Hypno
  7. Do you have nightmares? Often? Alan
  8. Is there anything in your life currently, that if you think about, surprises you? Gene
  9. How long do you use the same toothbrush? Pearl
  10. How do you like to snooze, together with someone else or by yourself? Southern Kitten
  11. What is the most fun, adventurous, exciting thing you have done? David
  12. Is there anybody out there who does not have sleep issues? Gene
  13. How would your friends describe you? James
  14. What helps you remember things? Bree
  15. What are your first world problems? Beer God
  16. What is one thing somebody told you that has stuck with you all this time? James
  17. Do you sleep with socks on? Cindy
  18. What is the most meaningful thing somebody has ever done for you? Jolean
  19. What did you do as a kid that would be considered dangerous today? Wendy
  20. How are you with grudges? Do you hold one, do you let it go? Heather
  21. It's all about tea, how do you like it? Marie
  22. What dating rules need to be dumped? Ms D
  23. What is a memory, especially from childhood, involving cookies or cake? Megan
  24. Have you changed your mind about something major? Gene
  25. Are you fond of naps? Brooke
  26. Have you ever had sex with a stranger? Brandi
  27. How often do you wash your hair? Jason
  28. After the pandemic, would you wear a mask? Gene
  29. When riding Uber and Lyft, do you sit in the front or back? Jason
  30. If you love to read, when do you do it? Southern Kitten
  31. When do you feel your best? Night Ranger
  32. What do you like watching other people do? Marie
  33. What do you do for fun when your bored? Skysong
  34. What is your definition of success? LawrenceMac
  35. What really gets you excited? Heather
  36. What is your addiction? Chun Ji
  37. What would you hate to give up, & is it helping or hurting you? Lawrence
  38. What are you like in the morning? Nikki
  39. What food makes you feel the best? Lovebird
  40. Bananas... green, yellow or brown, which do you most enjoy? Lucie
  41. Do you believe we go anywhere when we die, or is that it? Brad
  42. Do you stand up at the kitchen counter while eating meals? Gene
  43. When out to dinner with friends, do you split the bill evenly, or just pay for yourself? Cheerful
  44. What is your favorite food to eat with your hands? Lovebird
  45. Which is better, cooking or being cooked for? Lovebird
  46. Why is legal sex work frowned upon? Rachel
  47. What essentials do you buy every time you go grocery shopping? Lavender
  48. Do you consider yourself to be tolerant? Alan
  49. Do you go with your gut? Heather
  50. What three items are closest to your bed? Apple Crisp
  51. What do you hope we've learnred from the pandemic? Tom
  52. What do women want? Tom
  53. Is your reaction disproportionate to the situation? Lawrence
  54. What are your thoughts about vaccinations being compulsory? OC
  55. Who are you thankful for? Tom
  56. Is your reaction disproportionate to the situation? LawrenceMac
  57. What are your thoughts about vaccinations being compulsory? Orange Circle
  58. Who are you thankful for? Tom
  59. What are you thankful for? Connie
  60. What are the simple things you look forward to? Lawrence
  61. How many masks do you have? Any that are unique? Chasity
  62. When you are in a bad mood do you prefer to be left alone, or have someone cheer you up? Lovebird
  63. What kind of bad experience(s) have you had with your doctor? Ms D
  64. What kind of toothpaste do you use? Orange Circle
  65. What do you buy more of than most people? Lovebird
  66. What scares you? Lawrence
  67. What is one thing that is missing from your life right now? Lovebird
  68. What was the scariest movie you've seen? Marie
  69. Are you rough or are you gentle? Lawrence
  70. What do you do, if anything, to maintain a supply of emergency food? Jean
  71. What are some of the simple things that make you happy? Jean
  72. Have you ever had that left out feeling? Lovebird
  73. Name one thing that really makes your day? Lovebird
  74. How does denial play a role in your life? Mel
  75. Who is the most interesting person you have met on a flight? Jean
  76. What childhood memories do you have associated with going to McDonalds? Lovebird
  77. What is the most valuable thing you have lost? AppleCrisp
  78. What are healthy snacks you enjoy? Jean
  79. What is the most drastic change you have made to yourself? Dutchess
  80. Tell me all about your bed, what's it like? Southern Kitten
  81. How do you show your love? Skysong
  82. How do you enjoy your morning coffee? Gene
  83. What's the highlight of your day? Pickachu
  84. What is one of your embarassing moments? Stuart
  85. How far in the future do you plan for things? Stuart
  86. Is there something that was taken away, that you thought was important, but you are happy with the change? Donna
  87. Is your bed glorious? Selina
  88. What motivates you to exercise regularly? Donna
  89. What defines a strong man or a strong woman? Donna
  90. What do you keep in your bed other than yourself? The Pickle
  91. Virtual learning, will it help or harm our children? Dutchess
  92. What do you like least and most about your country? Eddie
  93. Working at home, how do you manage? Purple Light
  94. What is your shower routine? Feisty
  95. What does growing old gracefully mean to you? Gene
  96. Is there something you're really good at doing, but you absolutely hate doing? Jason
  97. If you have a warning label on you, what would it say? Connie
  98. Do you talk to yourself? Wendy
  99. Where do you find peace? Shaman
  100. Do you support the death penalty? Harmony
  101. What are some of the mistakes men make when relating to women? Lindon
  102. What brings you joy? Lawrence
  103. What is your unforgettable quote? Violet
  104. What foods do you love that most people hate? Feisty
  105. What are things you took for granted before the pandemic lock down? Sabrina
  106. Have any books you've read, changed your outlook on life? Brooke
  107. What's your first world problem? Beer God
  108. Do you have a favorite time of day, if so what time of day is that? Lawrence
  109. To what lengths do you go to make yourself beautiful? Is it worth it? Jim
  110. What is your most valuable physical possession? Beer God
  111. Can you step away from your self and observe your actions? Lawrence
  112. What foods would never eat again? David
  113. How are you staying connected with other people? Connie
  114. What is your chocolate choice? Beer God
  115. Are your sleep patterns messed up? Gene
  116. Take me on a tour of your city. Apple Crisp
  117. What is the strangest breakfast you have had? Darla
  118. What tips do you have to be less hungry? Marie Marie
  119. What old habits do you have that are tough to break? Lawrence
  120. In 20 years, what will you remember about what you did during the pandemic? Gene
  121. Tell me about your man cave or your woman cave? Apple Crisp
  122. What has been the pandemic's silver lining for you? Texie
  123. How have your eating habits changed from childhood to now? Mr. D
  124. What do you think of people who did not respect the mandatory shelter in place? Connie
  125. Can you just let it go (without having to prove yourself correct)? David
  126. How often do you step out of your comfort zone? Apple Crisp
  127. Do you make an effort to eat more healthy? Gene
  128. What is your guilty pleasure? Beer God
  129. How do you stop nightmares? Stephen
  130. What are your best and worst pick up lines? Apple Crisp
  131. Do you eat alone? Why? Apple Crisp
  132. What do you want done with your body after you die? Matt
  133. How do you feel about Valentines day and gifts? Alice
  134. What is the strangest dream you have ever had? Kevin
  135. What is a food you love but rarely eat? Jason
  136. Would you ride in a hot air balloon? Jason
  137. What is the best or worst trait you got from your parents? Apple C.
  138. What are your favorite teas? Kevan
  139. In one word, describe your family. Apple Crisp
  140. Do you believe dreams are significant? Connie

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