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About Vorail

Everyone deserves the chance to be loved for who they are. Most folks meet by seeing each other and think that’s enough. At Vorail, we feel sight is just not the right way to meet someone new. When you use the Vorail app, you meet people by their voices, their contributions to conversations and the questions they ask. No pictures. Come hear what you’ve been missing. The mission of Vorail is to create an experience where everyone is on equal footing and can connect based on who we are, not how we look. When meeting new people and new ideas on Vorail, it does not matter if you are tall, short, wide, thin, black, white, blind or sighted. In an all-voice-experience the only thing that matters is how you think, and how you express yourself. Vorail is 501c-33 non-profit funded by subscriptions from members. At Vorail, we pay for ourselves, and we govern ourselves.

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